Edward H. Sondker
Managing Director and Co-Founder

            Mr. Sondker plays an active role in the Fund management in identifying, qualifying, underwriting, and managing clients for the Fund.

            He has been a seasoned CEO for financial institutions ranging in asset size from $200 million to in excess of $5 billion. Mr. Sondker is proven in his ability to lead an organization in creating and sustaining a high performance corporate culture and providing superior return to shareholders. His experience is enhanced by a legal background, strong negotiation skills and excellent people skills.

            Mr. Sondker has completed over 25 acquisitions (ranging in size from $750,000 in assets to $2 billion in assets), including initial negotiations, public relations, purchase and final implementation. The majority of these acquisitions were in banking, but have also included other profitable business streams in real estate asset management, pension advisory services and leasing companies.

            Mr. Sondker was CEO at Bay View Capital Corporation, Independence One Bank of California, La Jolla Bank & Trust Company, and Kansas City Bancshares. Mr. Sondker clerked for the Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court. Mr. Sondker received his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctorate from Washburn University.

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